"Lou" Lucius MacKenzie

Estranged Mentor


Lou MacKenzie can trace his Genius lineage back to the Industrial Revolution. This was nothing more than an interesting quirk until relatively recently, since none of them seemed to be anything more than mediocre. Until his father. Lou MacKenzie can trace his PROUD Genius lineage to his father, Lionel MacKenzie. “The Lion” earned his nickname during the Great War between the Peerage and Lemuria. Lionel was in the thick of the war, and his brave and bloody contributions earned him honours and acclaim from the Peerage. Lucius was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but lived under the shadow of his famous father. He left home after a falling out with his father. Becoming curious and looking into the Lemurians his father had demonized for so long, he didn’t really see what was wrong with them, and made a consious decision to fall in with them and share their vision. His father did not take this well, and disowned him entirely.

Having catalysed too early for his memory and having had a childhood of doors opening to him because of his father, Lou had to make some adjustments for getting by in the world of mere mortals on his own merits. He became a caretaker/surveyer of a National park, having always been awed by the Wonder of Nature. One day, coming across a hiker’s shelter in the woods that appeared recent but destroyed, Lou followed signs of an animal attack to two dead hikers. As he turned away from the bodies, he heard a tiny voice crying. He followed the voice to some dense brush nearby, where he was astounded to find a small girl-child, of about 4 years old. Lou took the dirty, frightened child back to his home, where he took care of her for a time before deciding to formally adopt her.

Lou loved the child more than anything in the world. He constantly pushed her to catalyze, occasionally feeling a twinge of guilt that this might have been because of his inability to interact with mere mortals..

"Lou" Lucius MacKenzie

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