DM Cheatsheets


Name Purpose Catalyst Foundations Collaborative
Apokalypsi Discovery (Analysis, Communication) Staunen Scholastic 0 (Mezyk)
Automata Independence (Artificial Minds, Created Beings) None Artificer, Director, Progenitor Mezyk 3, Rester 2
Epikrato Control (Domination, Manipulation) Neid Director Diana 2, Rester 1
Exelixi Restoration (Medicines, Upgrades) Klagen Progenitor Rester 3, Afterburner 1
Katastrofi Destruction (Weapons) Grimm Navigator Afterburner 2, Diana 1
Metaptropi Transformation (Transmutation, Modification) Hoffnung Scholastic Diana 1
Prostasia Protection (Shields, Defenses) None Artificer 0 (Mezyk)
Skafoi Travel (Vehicles, Gates) None Navigator Afterburner 1


Name Origin Axiom Derangement Collaborative
Grimm Fury Katastrofi Irrationality Afterburner
Hoffnung Vision Metaptropi Narcissism None
Klagen Loss Exelixi Depression Rester
Neid Banishment Epikrato Suspicion Diana
Staunen Wonder Apokalypsi Fixation Mezyk


Name Discipline Axioms Grant Collaborative
Artificers Mad Engineering Automata, Prostasia Fast Construction Mezyk
Directors Mad Psychology Automata, Epikrato Social Mania Diana
Navigators Mad Physics Katastrofi, Skafoi Physical Mania Afterburner
Progenitors Mad Biology Automata, Exilexi Miniaturization Rester
Scholastics Mad Philosophy Apokalypsi, Metaptropi Fault Control None

DM Cheatsheets

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