Warehouse of the Wondrous and the Weird

Afterburner's Train of Thought

Gentlemen. I’m sure you’ve heard from your contacts in Fort Mac Too formal, probably can’t use.

You think fire is your ally? You merely adopted fire. I was born in it, molded by Too corny? Too corny.

I am the cleansing light. I will purge the dross No. Tried that one, nobody knows what dross is.

OK, back to the basics. Think. How did we get here?

Awoke this morning to a scream. Then found out one of the other tenants owns a cat, said cat was sitting in my lap. Cat is not declawed, by the way. Apparently Doctor Rester has nightmares, hence the screaming. Well, his screaming. My screaming was due to losing a sizable amount of skin off my thigh. Hopefully not a common occurence, that will take a while to replace.

Had an interesting chat with Diana. Apparently she was raised in Inspired circles. Having said that, her father was Lemurian, and it seems that she has absorbed some of the pseudo-racist crap that comes with that territory. To start with, she has some downright… outdated ideas about Beholden. Seems willing to learn though.

And when Rester is awake, and not screaming, he’s friendly enough. Also quite interested in Zach, albeit for different (and substantially more useful) reasons. Believes he may be able to make some progress with Zach’s recovery on the psyche end of things. Given that I’ve so far accomplished nothing meaningful on that front, this is promising, but… well, we’ll see. The man is clearly carrying some issues of his own (who in the Peerage isn’t? That’s why I wanted to work alone.) (Yeah, because you’re so composed and well adjusted.) (Shut up!).

Further extrapolations were interrupted by Mezyk, trying to break into the building. With a ****ing can opener. Apparently he realized he had forgotten a key, and his brain went into a feedback loop. So he taught himself to pick locks overnight. Keeping an eye on this one, and a hand on a weapon. Even for a Genius, his brain moves in mysterious ways.

So everybody in this thing is a thinly disguised, deranged disaster waiting to happen, and I know better than to exclude myself from that statement. I had been warned that working with other Inspired means taking certain… eccentricities in stride (which is why I worked alone, dammit!), but what we have here is a Gordian knot of neuroses. With, I’ll admit, some potentially useful strata. Well, next step is clear.

What we’re looking at is a junkyard heap. What’s workable? What’s rusty garbage? Only one way to find out.

Cut the knot. Burn the dross, and steel is left.

No, actually, hold off on that. Save it for the night shift. Keep to civil conversation with the rest of the… groan… collaborative. Can always slash and burn later if need be.

Adrian's move in

I finally managed to get a hold of a new lab. It’s an old warehouse, and smells like the nearby sewage treatment plant, however it is quite adequate. Oh yes there’s people there, 4 of them. They seemed to show little regard for the damage they could cause by letting the landlord listen in on discussions about our particular….method of manipulating science. Perhaps because of my day job I’m required to put more effort in hiding it.

Donatello and Luminosikitty seem to be settling well, I left them overnight with the others to help them adjust, I’ll be back in the morning to…..oh no……no no no no no no no no no no no no no I DIDN’T GET A KEY! Donny and Loomy are locked in no no no no no no no…


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