Rocket Harness


Skafoi 1
Size 3
Handling 0
Safe Speed 22
1 Mania to start, 1 Mania per 6 hours of use
Resilient (+3 dice on Havoc checks), Extreme Acceleration (Acceleration equal to safe speed), Off-Road (no terrain penalties)
Fault: While active, reduce Defense of wearer by 1.

Currently in the possession of Doctor Afterburner


This complex arrangement of fuel lines, vents, and a pair of massive, heavily modified steel-toed work boots only makes sense to the eye when one sees how it is worn. The bulk of the wonder is in the boots, but straps and belts crisscross the legs and abdomen, creating a harness around most of the wearer’s lower body, and connecting the boots to a set of small thrusters secured to the outer knees and thighs. These allow for reasonable maneuverability, even as the larger thrusters in the boots propel the wearer at seemingly breakneck paces. When active, the boots produce a hum and a glow reminiscent of an gas range; quick motion produces a momentary bonfire-like roaring sound, and leaves a trail of wispy, eerily glowing “smoke”. The secondary thrusters tend to discharge in momentary, on-and-off bursts whenever the wearer attempts to turn or lean; in addition, moving at full speed causes all the thrusters to light up, creating a momentary fan of plasma-infused light that is more intimidating than dangerous. Although Doctor Afterburner claims that the device is quite intuitive and easy to use (and he certainly seems to have little trouble maneuvering in it), so far the only other person to try it has been his faithful Beholden, Zach, who reports that operating it is “easy, like wearing hockey skates… well, except for the parts that are more like wearing a motorcycle.”

Rocket Harness

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