Plasma Coil

weapon (melee)

Katastrofi 2
Size 4 (requires 2 Strength to wield 2 handed)
6 Lethal (Fire/Electrical damage)
1 Mania to activate for one scene
Resilient (+3 dice on Havoc checks)
Fault: A loose power cell can be disrupted if jostled, for example by a poorly timed parry. If the wielder is damaged by an attack despite applying Dodge or Weaponry Dodge, the coil begins to sputter out, requiring successes on a Wits + Dexterity check equal to the damage dealt to apply “percussive maintenance”; otherwise the coil deactivates.

Currently in the possession of Doctor Afterburner


The Plasma coil is a large, two-handed melee weapon vaguely resembling a sword. The “blade” is straight and thin, about 3 feet long, with roughly the proportions of a yardstick and made of some kind of metal; a metal filament is wrapped tightly around it, and connected to a power supply housed in the two-foot long handle. Activating the coil causes the entire filament to shine brightly, trailing glowing “flames” of (relatively harmless) ionization. It produces very little noise, other than a hissing sound that could be mistaken for rushing wind when moved quickly, and an electrical crackling sound when it strikes something. The cutting power of the weapon, however, is dramatic, and it can do a lot of damage very quickly. The construction is surprisingly sturdy, and typical use doesn’t seem to carry much risk of failure; however, there is the occasional case where a power cell is knocked out of its housing if the coil is jostled the wrong way. This results in the chain reaction keeping the sword “lit” quickly sputtering out and dying, but if it is noticed quickly, a quick smack to the right place in the handle is often enough to knock it back into position.

Plasma Coil

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