Phoenix Injector


Exilexi 1 (Katastrofi 1)
Size 2
Core Mod +6
1 Mania per point of Lethal damage healed
30 second charge-up time, 30 seconds to reload, Painful Recovery
Fault: The wonder can only heal a single point of Lethal damage per round; if additional healing is being performed, the user must devote all their attention to the wonder and the patient for a number of turns equal to the number of points healed.

Currently in the possession of Doctor Afterburner


It’s not entirely clear how expertise in mad high-energy organic chemistry and a desire to fix the world go together, and this thing doesn’t really help clarify the matter much. Best described as looking like a tattoo gun with two or three road flares jammed into it, this device “heals” wounds by injecting a stream of pure plasma directly into the injured area, burning away damaged tissue in a process that is about as pleasant as having literal fire running through your veins would be expected to be. However, moments after the damaged flesh is vaporized, new flesh begins growing in at a medically impossible rate: most typical injuries are able to be healed in under a minute, although if no anesthetic has been employed patients are likely to black out long before the process is complete. Doctor Afterburner’s explanation for how the so-called Phoenix Injector works relies on the concept that given enough energy and a clean slate to work from, the human body is capable of limited regeneration; properly administered, the plasma is able to both remove all traces of damaged flesh, and provide a source of sufficient energy to jump-start the healing factor.

Phoenix Injector

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