Automata 4 (Katastrofi 1, Prostasia 1)
Size 2
Speed 5 (Initiative Mod 5)
13 dice Bashing damage melee attack (Bleeding 3, ignores 1 point of armor)
4 HP (Defense 4, Armor 2 (Attacks reduced to 0 damage by Armor instead deal 1 Bashing))
Requires 1 Mania per day
Wits, Strength, and Dexterity at 4, Stamina at 2, all other attributes at 1
Brawl 5, Stealth 1, Fighting Style: Kung Fu 1, Strong Back, Direction Sense, Biological, Limited “Battery Life” (sleeps 8 hours a day), Low Intelligence (human to animal) No Fine Manipulators
Faults: Accelerated Metabolism. Must consume its own weight in biomass daily. Armor “rattles”, claws impede locomotion (half speed).



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