Communication Larynx

An organic walkie-talkie



Apokalypsi 1 (Automata 1)
Size 1
Core Mod +1 (1 mile range)
0 Mania to use
One Medium Only (Audio), Onboard Data Storage, Closed Circuit (can only send to or receive from other identical devices)
Fault: The communication larynx has a harsh limit on how much sound it can output with fidelity. Anything much louder than a normal human outdoor speaking voice is transmitted only as an incoherent droning of the corresponding volume, sounding similar to a cow’s moo.

Police Scanner Variant
Apokalypsi 1 (Automata 1)
Size 2
Core Mod +2 (10 mile range)
1 Mania to use for one scene
One Medium Only (Audio), Onboard Data Storage
Fault: Parts of the base intended to be solid instead have a limited degree of undulation, causing the scanner to slowly “wander” any area it is placed in at random.


These communication devices happen to look just like a larynx. Mezyk used the DNA string for a larynx as a base, and extrapolated from there. It’s warm.

Mezyk has plans for a larger one which will be able to act as a police scanner as well.

Communication Larynx

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