Diana MacKenzie

Jilted Goddess-Ascending


Neid Director
Aesthetic: Fae Queen
Axioms: Epikrato 4, Katastrofi 2, Metaptropi 2
Wonders: Poison Potion, Trigger Potion, Transformation Powder
Intelligence 4 | Strength 1 | Presence 2
Wits 2 | Dexterity 2 | Manipulation 4
Resolve 2 | Stamina 3 | Composure 4
Skills: Academics 3, Investigation 1, Medicine 4, Science (Botany) 3, Firearms (Bows) 2, Larceny 1, Stealth 1, Survival 2, Weaponry 1, Empathy 2, Persuasion 3, Socialize 1, Streetwise (Black Markets) 2, Subterfuge 2
Merits: Resources 2 (Self-Help Guru), Striking Looks 2 (+1 bonus), Laboratory Equipment 1
Health 8, Willpower 6 (Virtue: Temperance, Vice: Envy), Inspiration 3, Mania 16 (Maximum 3 mania per turn), Obligation 5 (Suspicion), Jabir -1, Size 5, Speed 8, Defense 2, Initiative 6
XP: 5


Diana mac kenzie

Diana’s parents were killed quite early in her life, when she was about 4 years old, during a camping trip. She was taken in by the Park caretaker, who found her parents’ bodies and the terrified girl nearby.

Diana loved Lou as her own father, since she was too little to remember much of anything about her biological parents. Lou was a member of a Genius lineage dating back to the Industrial Revolution, but had a falling out with his own family decades before. Diana and her father lived a relatively isolated existence for many years. Diana was home-schooled with a distinctly “special” curriculum. She was constantly being exposed to her father’s Wonders, and he pushed her quite hard to Catalyze. Years of being placed directly into harm’s path in a multitude of ways by the person she loved and trusted most did damage to her psychological condition, but didn’t break her.

Until Diana met the beautiful daughter of her publicist. Melanie was acting as her father’s assistant and the two women met when Diana hired Tom to publish her first self-help book, The Secret of Now. The girls fell in love and Melanie moved in with Diana and Lou. Lou and Melanie didn’t really get along well, as Lou was disapproving of another person taking his daughter’s affections. Lou was finding that he now had to hide his Wonders and his mad science, when before she moved in it had been something that he shared openly with his daughter.

One night, Diana overheard her father trying to persuade Melanie to leave her. “She was happier without you complicating her life and I’m just trying to look out for my daughter’s best interests.” Melanie replied that she would talk to Diana about leaving. Diana may have misunderstood, but she was devastated. That night at dinner, she slipped a poison that she concocted in her father’s laboratory into both of their meals. Melanie and Lou fell to the floor in fits. After some time, Lou stood up, looked at his daughter and said “Good thing I had that second heart.” Melanie never got up. Diana fled her home with some hastily packed boxes full of her most valuable possessions in the back of her motorcycle trailer and didn’t look back.

Having finally catalyzed, killing her girlfriend and attempting to kill her father in the process, Diana found that she could now understand the teachings that had baffled her most of her life. With a new clarity, she decided to move to Edmonton to start her life of Mad Science away from the Lemurians. She found an ad for a warehouse to rent in the North-East side of the city, with plenty of space for her plants and lab equipment.

Diana MacKenzie

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