Warehouse of the Wondrous and the Weird

Rester's Notes

EDM – 01
Encrypting Access
Passowrd: **********

Notes. Point? Query. Answer.
New base of operations.
Pros: Rent is affordable, far from Calgary.
Cons: Shared with three (3) other geniuses.
Digression. Return to the task at hand. Observe. Judge. Weigh. Measure. Research.

Subdirectory contains 3 files.
01→Dr. Adrian Mezyk
02→Dr. Afterburner
03→Diana Mackenzie

01: Genpet. Works with DNA. Intelligent, yet absent-minded. Possible felon (guilty of Larceny at very least.) Has an armadillo that’s not an armadillo at all. Devotion to the point of insanity. No more or less sane than others. Concerning precedent.

02: Alias? Ascertained. Doctor? Dubious. Alliteration? Abomination. Stop that. Digression. Dangerous. Stop that, please. Lacks balance. Scratch that, has achieved balance with beholden. Beholden has agreed to cognitive behavioural analysis. Together, they are balanced cohesive unit. Seperation not recommended.

03: Malicious hypocrite, or merely unstable? Politely curious, or manipulative snoop? She smiles. Furthermore, displays comfort (irregularly) in social situations. She smiles. Attempts to manipulate emotional train-wrecks. Most concerning of all, she smiles. Unacceptable, will likely kill me in my sleep in any number of painful ways. Only the first one matters, if she does it right.

01→ No use of wonders or experimentation on other members of pseudo-collabarative without permission.
02→ Private quarters are private. Redundent. Extra definition, that is. Rule 02 very necesarry.
03→ Keep the landlord in the dark. Damnthelandlord



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