Warehouse of the Wondrous and the Weird

Rester's Mental Notes

EDM 05
Encrypting Access
Password: ****************************

Troubling. It is astounding how often geniuses need to be told to stop and think. Near disaster? Averted. New plan? Developed. Roles? Assigned.

Alpha: Info, Comms (Me)
Bravo: Recon, Package Delivery (MacKenzie, Bolton)
Charlie: Shock and Awe (Afterburner)
Delta: Extraction (Mezyk)

01: Brisky (Sabotage)
02: Carlos (Resource Extraction)

1. Alpha hacks hotel files, acquires target information
2. Disguise Bravo as hotel staff
3. Infiltration
a. Discover evidence of prostitution
b. Plant evidence of prostitution
4. Charlie extracts Resources from T2
5. Alpha hacks hotel files, alters bills and debts
6. Extraction from Delta (via Collabmobile)

Plans are good. Plans are insane. Jest: How do you make God laugh? Punchline: You make a plan. Plans for week:
01> Continue passive research on the good, the bad, and the ugly.
02> Continue active coding on Rock.
03> Begin active cognitive behavioural research on Gran Torino.




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