Warehouse of the Wondrous and the Weird

Computer Activity Log

EDM 012
Encrypting Access
PASSWORD: *************

The good, the bad, the ugly, and Gran Torino. Mezyk, MacKenzie, Dr. Afterburner, and Zach. It appeats that my initial judgments were incorrect. We are all ugly, after some fashion, and most of us are pretty bad too.

I’ve tried to be the Good Doctor. I really have. My compatriots have not made this simple. I feel as though MacKenzie might appreciate my ideological decisions in theory, but she will never accept them in practice. Dr. Afterburner agrees in doing the right thing, but he and I differ so entriely in methods.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not going to apologize.” What a fascinating dichotomy.

And then there’s Mezyk. His actions have been the most distressing. I fear that without proper guidance from the peerage, my code name for him will prove to be truly inappropriate.

That’s why I hope that this adventure to the University will be fruitful. We may find peers who will better suit this collbarative. We may find a community in which we can find unity, refuge, and understanding.


…It occurs to me that hope is about all I have left.

Heh. If somebody were to read this jorunal, they might assume someone else had written it. Somebody who didn’t sound like me. Let’s change that.

<accent> Howdy, y’all. </accent> There. That’s more like it.

!!! Code Compiling Completed !!!


>Booting up Rock 1.2

R: Hello, Dr. Lain Rester. How are you today?



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