Warehouse of the Wondrous and the Weird

An excerpt from Diana's diary

People. After years living in isolation with Dad and – for a short, blissful time – Melanie, I have more people that I can make love me. Well, I can start on them, anyway. If I can make fellow Geniuses love me, the rest of the world will be a piece of cake. Turns out, Geniuses are just as stupid sometimes as regular people. After going to a dingy little store that appeared to be a knock off of The Co-op (who knocks off a Co-op? And how did a Genius fall for it??), someone found a poster for one of Brisky’s seminars. Somehow, we decided that it would be a good idea to go and cause trouble for them (are they already showing loyalty to me? NOTE TO SELF: if I play this right, they just may be my first followers. Having Geniuses under my thrall would be brill!) Also, apparently the con that Brisky is parading around to everyone used to work with Zach and Dr. A; he owes them money.

Since showing up as myself to one of Brisky’s seminars would be akin to career suicide (and highly disappoint Tom.), I attempted to disguise the group with my transformation powder. I failed magnificently (NOTE TO SELF: WORK ON THIS FORMULA!!). But, I was so caught up in my failure that I found myself outside the hotel where the seminar was being held with the rest of the collaborative, all of us completely undisguised (one may not be able to quite see Dr. A through his suit, but since he always wears the same thing he would definitely by the most visible of us all, and I’m at least a little famous within the self-help circuit) and without any semblance of a plan before I realized what was going on. I managed to stop almost everyone from going in and making a scene enough to draw attention to us just barely in time, except that Adrian wandered off without the rest of us. Not good. He’s the one most likely to draw attention to himself and blow the whole collaborative if he’s willing to wander into a potentially risky situation without a plan.

This could have gone very badly, and the other Geniuses didn’t even seem to notice the risks that we were taking. My career is pretty dependent on my public image, and an arrest for kidnapping another lecturer’s prop con – especially while I’m still a person of interest – would be devastating. And with the history between Dr. A, Zach and this con, coupled with Dr. A’s standout appearance means that without a plan, the whole collaborative would come under substantial risk of scrutiny at the very least, potentially blowing the lids off all our Science. None of us wants that.

I will clearly be required to lead, since I’m the one who thinks of these things. Seems to me that Adrian will follow relatively easy, he gets so focused on things (like learning overnight how to pick locks with a can opener) that it should be simple to just direct his focus to whatever I want him to focus on, especially if I highlight the risk to the collaborative as being a risk to his pets. Lain and Dr. A will be more difficult, but for different reasons. Lain is so suspicious of everything. That could work to my advantage, though, if I can influence him enough to view the collaborative as an “us” against the rest of the world, particularly the Normals. Dr. A is already in charge of Zach, and he is so domineering, using his suit and weapons to help his intimidation of people that he will take much more subtle handling. I will update further on the results of talking with the collaborative soon.



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